Pricing and Ordering

Ordering a cake

To order a cake from OMG It's Cake Bakery please complete our contact form. You can also contact us via phone 520-329-2751 or email

All cakes are priced per serving and custom cakes require a quote based on design and complexity.
  • Sheet cake prices start at $1.75 per serving. (These are double layered sheet cakes with a filling.) Sheet cakes covered in fondant start at $2.50 per serving.
  • Cupcakes accompanying a cake start at $14.00 per dozen. (Extra adornments, flowers, etc.$16 – 18 per dozen)
  • Cupcakes without a cake? Please see our Cupcakes Section
  • Fondant decorations, hand piping, or other intricate decorations may add to the cost.
  • Sugarpaste flowers are priced based on the type of flower.
  • Cake Serving Information & Pricing

    Here are the basic cake sizes with their serving amounts along with starting prices: (please note based on the complexity of the design the cost may be more.)

    Single Tier Cakes
    Cake Sizes in Inches Servings Starting Price
    4 2 -4 ** $10
    6 8-12 ** $30
    8 16-20 $50
    10 24-28 $70
    12 36-40 $100
    **Only sold with cupcakes or other cakes
    Each cake tier is 2-3 layers of cake with a filling in between each layer, making it approximately 4″ tall.
    Multi-Tiered Cakes
    6 & 8 24-32 $80
    6 & 9 Square Only 30-36 $90
    8 & 10 40-48 $120
    6, 8, 10 48-60 $150
    8, 10, 12 80-88 $220
    Sheet Cakes    
    1/4 12-28 $50
    1/2 18-40 $70
    Full 48-108 $150
    All sheet cakes are 2″ high

    Specialty Cakes
    OMG It's Cake Bakery can create Topsy-Turvy and Large Cupcakes. These cakes are priced higher do to the difficulty level which requires extra time and materials to create.

    Servings Starting Price
    1 tier Topsy-turvy cake 8” round 16 $45.00
    2 tier Topsy turvy cake 6” – 8” 24 $65.00
    3 tier Topsy turvy cake 4” – 6” – 8” 30 $85.00
    3 tier Topsy turvy cake 6” – 8” – 10” 44 $120.00
    Giant 3D cupcake 12 $33.00

    Samples of Our Work
    Please visit our Facebook page to see examples of our work.

    Tasting and Appointments
    Consultations & tastings by appointment only.

    OMG It's Cake Bakery will contact you to schedule an appointment to discuss your design. When we meet we get to know you and about your event, sketch out designs if needed and provide a selection of samples to try.  Our tastings are $25.00 for 4 selections: 4 cakes and 4 frostings and fillings. We always provide Vanilla Buttercream for each tasting, so this does not need to be counted as a choice. If you place a cake order with us after the appointment, $15 will be deducted from the total cost of your cake.

    We personally work with each client and since all our cakes are made to order we usually require 2 to 4 weeks lead time. However, don’t hesitate to contact us even if your request is not within the timeframe, as we often have last minute openings and may be able to accommodate your event.

    We are happy to deliver your cake for your event. Delivery is free in Maricopa city limits and .40 cents per mile roundtrip for any location more than 20 miles from Maricopa. We regret that we do not at this time ship cakes or cupcakes.

    Deposits and Payments
    A $25 deposit is due at time of order placement. Any order that is above $100 requires a 30% deposit when ordering.

    A deposit is due at time of order placement. Balance is due in full at time of delivery or pickup. We accept cash, check and paypal.

    Cancellation & Refund Policy

    If an order is not picked up on the day of delivery or delivery is denied, the client is responsible for the remaining balance. OMG It's Cake Bakery will make every attempt to contact the client in the event of a missed pickup date or denied delivery.

    In the event of cancellation:

    1. All requests for cancellation must be made in writing.
    2. If a cancellation is received less than two weeks prior to the promised delivery date, only 25% of the aforementioned deposit will be refunded.
    3. If a cancellation is received less than one week prior to the promised delivery date, the aforementioned deposit is forfeited.